Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy asteroid day

Today is #AsteroidDay, a focusing event designed to raise awareness about the catastrophic and existential risks posed by asteroid collisions. Although there are many things that threaten the long-run survival of humanity, necessitating our ultimate move into space, asteroids are simultaneously the best-understood and most-charismatic x-risk. NASA already has an (insufficient) budget to monitor this risk, and various non-profits are actively fundraising to develop further detection capability. We need more.

Currently none of the major-party candidates for US president have a space policy. That's unacceptable. Whenever you have the opportunity to interact with politicians, please highlight and push this issue. Take a moment and reflect on its importance. I'll wait.

In the deepest sense, existential risk is not just one important policy issue among many. It's the most important issue that exists. Our politics and public sphere should reflect this fact.

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