Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quote of the week

Your body is a deathtrap.  This vital machine and mortal vehicle, unless it jams first or crashes, is sure to rust anon.  You are lucky to get seven decades of mobility; eight if you be fortune’s darling.  That is not sufficient to get started in a serious way, much less to complete the journey.  Maturity of the soul takes longer.  Why, even a tree-life takes longer. 
Death is not one but a multitude of assassins.  Do you not see them?  They are coming at you from every angle.  Take aim at the causes of early death – infection, violence, malnutrition, heart attack, cancer.  Turn your biggest gun on aging, and fire.  You must seize the biochemical processes in your body in order to vanquish, by and by, illness and senescence.  In time, you will discover ways to move your mind to more durable media.  Then continue to improve the system, so that the risk of death and disease continues to decline.  Any death prior to the heat death of the universe is premature if your life is good.
That's from Nick Bostrom's short essay Letter from Utopia

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