Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quote of the week

"The rise of political-science public engagement has been so massive and rapid that it is paradoxically easy to miss," writes Marc Lynch, a Middle East specialist at George Washington University and a regular blogger for the Cage, in a forthcoming article for Perspectives on Politics. "A decade ago, very few political scientists had either the opportunity or the incentive to engage with the political public in a direct, unmediated way." Engagement has gone from "something exotic to something utterly routine."
That's from a great article looking at the rise of political science blogs in the past few years, notably The Monkey Cage. I actually think the Monkey Cage became less compelling after it joined WaPo and got a bit more polished, but it's still an excellent site. Mischiefs of Faction is also highly recommended. But in terms of old-school personal blogs by political scientists, Chris Blattman rules supreme.

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