Sunday, March 1, 2015

Totally conventional views that I hold

A micro-meme is going around the blogosphere that I'll hop on:

1. The US should continue to sustain its massive military advantage in spending and capacity

2. Milk chocolate is tastier than dark chocolate, due to its higher sugar content

3. Social media is an overwhelmingly benevolent force in society

4. It's insane for late-night drive-through lanes at fast food restaurants not to accept bicyclists and pedestrians

5. The benefit of attending opera, ballet, and much classical live music is mostly its ability to signal an affiliation and not to produce enjoyment

6. Both major political parties are terrible and an individual's vote doesn't affect the outcome of an election

7. Mormons produce impressive life outcomes

8. Action movies are the best genre in film

9. Wal-Mart helps people with its low prices and entry-level jobs and is not causing the problems many associate it with.

10. Fit and attractive people have an enormous advantage in all aspects of personal and public life

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